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Hope first week back was a success! In case you did not receive our email this weekend, it will be posted down below.

We are ready to get the ball rolling and have planned out most of the things we want to go over at our first general body meeting. This meeting will take place on Wednesday, September 1st at 7:00p.m. inside the Johnson Center Gold Room G19. At this meeting, we will be going over the projects and talking about general things that people may have questions about. There are a few projects we wanted to keep on working on while adding a few more projects to start up for this year. We do encourage people to talk about their ideas for projects that they're deeply passionate about and see how we can help them build their ideas (as long as it's within the themes and goals of this club, of course). Yes, we will have food.

Below is a link to the GMU-approved form that is required from now on.

Stay safe and see you then!

-GMU BOT Board

P.S. Further questions can be directed to any board member listed on Mason360!

-BOT Board (8/29/2021)

About Us

Our club's goals are as follows:

1. Further our members knowledge in robotics.

2. Connect our members to important figures in the various fields of robotics.

3. Help our members develop their professional skills through practice, mentor ship, and group projects.


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