BattleBot Project

Status - Ongoing

Location - SciTech/Fairfax

BOT Robotics is working on developing robot capable of competing in heavyweight competitions for the famous BattleBot series.

Greenhouse Project

Status - Hold

Location - Fairfax

BOT Robotics is partnering with the GMU Greenfund Organization building a hydroponic greenhouse. The project focuses on automation and watering systems.


Status - Ongoing

Location - SciTech/Fairfax

BOT Robotics is developing a closed machine that will be able to recycle plastic bottles into 3D printer filament, funded by an endowment from the GMU Greenfund Organization.

VEX Robotics

Status - Ongoing

Location - SciTech

VEX Robotics has become part of the BOT Robotics family in 2020 to share knowledge, experience, and resources with each other. VEX Robotics designs robots to compete in challenges and tournaments against other robots.