Find Out About Events and Activities in the Central Asian Community Beyond Campus

  • Capital News Update!            (April 2024)

    Get your metro cards out because there's a new exhibit on display in DC! The George Washington University Museum (located at 701 21st St NW, Washington, DC 20052) is hosting a wonderful "Ikat" showcase that is free to the public. Ikat is an ancient and beautiful dyeing and weaving technique for clothes and textiles found in various parts of the world, from Indonesia to Peru, but also very famously in Central Asia. The Museum has two floors with wonderful pieces, especially of note gorgeous handmade silk and cotton Uzbek chopons (robes) and other fabrics as well. The exhibit features both traditional patterns and designs, but also pieces with a modern twist! But the eye-catching ikat textiles aren't the only thing the GWU Museum has to offer; there is also a floor with various historical artifacts (including Central Asian ones), as well as a gift shop where you yourself can buy ikat clothing, handbags, prints, and other items, made by Central Asian artisans. The exhibit is only here until June 1st, so make your visit before it's gone!