F/S Account Access Request Form (2021-2022)

Account Request Form



Prior to filling out this form, make sure you've attempted to log-in.
If you recieve the below error message,

You logged on to your school portal successfully, but we cannot find your profile in Mason360. Please reach out to your school administrator to be added to Mason360 or contact us if you have any questions: mason360@gmu.edu

Please proceed with filling out the F/S account access request form.

If you have additonal questions or concerns related to your current Account Type, please contact mason360@gmu.edu.

Upon submission, please allow up to 5 business days to review your account request. We must conduct a faculty/staff verification check in order to approve your account request submisison.This is a manual process and we hope to make it automative in the future.

If we find you are not eliglible or do not have F/S status, your submission will be denied.

  • Review Submission
  • Verify Faculty/Staff Status
  • Decision

Only current Mason Faculty/Staff members can submit this access form.

If you are a community member, alumni, prospective student, or active/current student, your request will be denied.

All active/current student who aren't able to access Mason360 must contact us via mason360@gmu.edu about account inquiries.