Mason Ke Rang

GMU's Premiere Bollywood Fusion Dance Team

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About Us

Mason Ke Rang is a co-ed organization aimed at bringing together a diversity of different dance styles such as Bollywood, Bhangra, Contemporary, Indian classical, Break Dance, Garba/Raas, South Indian and Hip-hop to form our Bollywood fusion dance team. We travel across the nation every year to compete against other fusion dance teams during the spring semester. Our main mission is to create and spread a culture-filled environment while pursuing expression and love for dance!

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Member Benefits

Becoming a part of the MKR family will, without a question, be the highlight of your college experience!

Stay Fit

MKR practices multiple times a week to ensure that the team looks flawless on stage. Each practice, we learn new dances or perfect earlier choreography. Throughout the season, the team develops stamina, muscle memory, and endurance.

Make Lifelong Friends

Besides dancing, the team also goes on a lot of adventures! We enjoy spending quality time with the team members and have many team bonding events throughout the season including photo shoots,  team dinners, and road trips!


During competition season, the team travels a lot together. Many alumni has stated this as this favorite feature of being a part of the team! In the past the team has traveled to Texas, Ohio, Georgia, and many more exciting locations!


Mason Ke Rang

Fairfax, Virginia,
United States