Get Involved with PESO

Besides organizing amazing academic and social events, PESO also provides various opportunities for our Ph.D. colleagues to get involved with the event planning process.

Event Facilitator

In the Spring 2023 semester, PESO will host 3 Professional Growth Sessions, 3 Peer Mentoring Sessions, and 3 Critical Issues Discussion Group Meetings. You can find details of each event on our website or the Mason360 PESO group page. As a facilitator, you are expected to welcome speakers and participants, introduce speakers, and host a Q&A section. If you are interested in facilitating any of the events above or have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Liaison Program for Spring 2023

PESO is planning to initiate the Liaison Program in Fall 2023, in which one to two individuals from each specialization will serve as representatives/ambassadors of the council to advocate and keep the council informed on matters related to their specializations. The expected time commitment is 10 hours maximum per semester. You are expected to 1) Attend at least two Liaison meetings and 2) Monthly updates on new information or progress

PESO Newsletter for Spring 2023

The PESO Newsletter for the Spring 2023 semester is designed to celebrate the scholarly and academic accomplishments of our fellow doctoral colleagues. The monthly newsletter will highlight the academic and professional achievements of 5 -8 Ph.D. students, as well as their research interests and brief biographical information. If you want to be featured in PESO Newsletter next semester, please contact us at Also, do not hesitate to reach out if you are interested in helping us design and edit our newsletter.

PESO Board Members for Fall 2023

For the Fall 2023-Spring 2024 semesters, we are looking for:


Vice President of Internal Support/Secretary

Vice President of Fiscal Responsibility/Treasurer

Vice President of Community Engagement

Vice President of Community Support