From: RSO Lead Team
Date: April 7, 2020
Subject: RSO Newsletter

Hi First_Name,

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Tuesday Talking Points

  1. Required officer training for Fall 2020 will be coming out by mid-April.
  2. Important** Fall 2020 Student Funding Board Application Deadlines

    - Have an event planned for Fall 2020? Apply NOW! Applications will be accepted for Fall 2020 now through May 10th.

    - Large event applications (events over $6000) occurring between July 1stand October 24th must be submitted by 11:59PM on May 2nd.

    - The Student Funding Board application will be switching over to a new platform on Mason360 between May 10th and July 1st. Applications will reopen in July for Fall dates. Keep a lookout for updates!

Wellness Tip of the Week

Wellness tip of the week is from the Well-Being Team's Instagram. 
~ Track Your Time: Pay attention to how much time you spend on social media apps! Utilize the setting on your phone to see how much screen time you use.

Check out the Well-Being Team's Instagram @gmu_wbt for more helpful tips on being mindful online!

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Recently Asked Questions ~ RAQ's

RSO Re-registration can be found on your Mason360 Group page.

  1. Log into Mason360:
  2. Find the group you are re-registering:
  3. Once you go to your group in which you are an officer, click on the "Group Re-Registration" button found at the top of your page. The Fall 2020 President should be completing this step.


RSO Re-Registration March 2 - May 1

Friday, May 1, 2020
11:50pm - 11:55pm
Mason360 Individual RSO Pages (Click on re-Registration Button)
Add to Google Cal, Outlook, Yahoo, iCal

PDF Version of 2020-2021 Re-Registration Instructions and Timeline: