From: RSO Lead Team
Date: March 27, 2020
Subject: RSO Lead Team Newsletter - Resources/Update

Hi First_Name,

RSO Website

RSO Resources

  • Check out our Mason360 Lead Team Webpage.  Here we will put updates and useful resources for your RSO.  
  • The Mason360 help center is a great resource to learn about Mason360 features and how-to videos. 
  • Open Office hours will be on Mason360 scheduler, meet with the RSO Lead Team members. 
  • Please use the Mason360 website version on your desktop/laptop to have full access to its resources and options. The mobile app is more of a social interaction tool.
  • We added all officers listed in Mason360 to our RSO Lead Team group. 
  • Below is a link on how to hold virtual elections.
  • We are still keeping the original due dates for Re-registration.

How to virtually be active as an RSO!

  • Plan a few virtual events (example in the 2nd picture below)
  • Social newsfeed posting
  • Use the Mason360 directory to find people and connect with others
  • Collaborate with other RSO's for virtual events 
  • Share useful links with your members

We would like to highlight the Student Support and Advocacy Center (Instagram - SSACGMU) and their virtual event. Please take part in drawing your favorite comfort item, post the drawing, and tag them on Instagram @ssacgmu.

RSO Lead Team