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Spring 2022 Rocket League Tryouts

by GMU Esports

Virtual Online/Distance Esports Gaming Virtual Event

Sun, Jan 16, 2022

7 PM – 9 PM EST (GMT-5)

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GMU Esports Discord (discord.gg/gmuesports)





Rocket League Spring 2022Tryout Information

Dates and Time
Sign-up Deadline: Saturday, January 15th @ 11:59 PM
Tryout Date: Sunday, January 16th from 7 - 9 PM EST
Tryouts will be conducted in the GMU Esports Discord server https://discord.gg/gmuesports

Participants must be at least champion 1 (1050 MMR) in ranked standard to participate
Must be available at least twice a week for scheduled games and/or scrimmages.
Must be able to communicate effectively in voice chat
Must follow the Roles and Responsibilities document for players (document attached)

Registration Process
Join the GMU Esports group on Mason360 and register for the event here (this webpage)

Team & Competition Information
The primary competitions the Rocket League teams will compete in are Collegiate Rocket League (CRL), Collegiate Star League Spring 2022 (CSL), and the Mid-Atlantic Esports Conference (MAEC)
Rank estimates for each team:
Team A: Premier or “Varsity” competitive team, comprised of regularly 1700+ MMR players and are expected to qualify for all major events
Team B: Non-premier or “Junior Varsity” competitive team, comprised of regularly 1515+ MMR players
Team C: Developmental competitive team, comprised of 1200+ MMR freshman and sophomore players

Tryout Process
Matches will be conducted in-house vs other tryout applicants.
Minimum of three games played, then an in-depth replay review with the players participating in the tryout (after).
Team Manager and (Optional) Advisory Board Members will congregate privately and share their analyzations and recommendations
Teams will be posted at least two days after the last tryout.

Tryout Contact: @aj.#6055

File Attachments: Player_Roles_Responsibilities