Sun, Aug 28, 2022

8 PM – 11:55 PM EDT (GMT-4)

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GMU Valorant Fall 2022 Tryout Information/Sign-Up

Dates and Time:
Sign-Up Deadline: Sunday, August 27th @ 8:00 PM EST
Tryout Date: Sunday, August 28th, @ 8:00 PM EST
Tryouts will be conducted in the GMU Esports Discord server

Requirements/Recommended Rank Requirements:
ALL RANKS are allowed to try out, however, it's recommended you are above the skill range of plat/diamond. Make sure you are in the GMU Esports discord as all communication is done through the available channels.

Registration Process:
To sign up for tryouts, submit a response to the questions below, as that will be data used to gather information about your role/experience.

Team & Competition Information:
Two teams will be fielded (creating Team A and Team B), with the potential for a third team (Team C) if enough people are interested.

Team A: Premier or “Varsity” Competitive Team, composed of Immortal+ Players with lots of Valorant Experience, and are expected to qualify for ALL major events.
Team B: Non-Premier or “Junior Varsity” competitive, composed of Ascendant+ Players.
Team C: Developmental competitive team, composed of Plat+ freshman and sophomore players.

The main competition that the teams will be competing in is MAEC, CVAL, and RedBull Campus Clutch.

Tryout Process:
Subject to change: PUGs (Pick-Up Games) will be hosted, and Site Retake/Communication scenarios will also be held.

MINIMUM of 2 HOURS of time needed for Tryouts. The Team Manager and (Optional) Advisory Board Member will congregate privately and share their analyses and recommendations. Teams will be posted at least two days after the last tryout.

Tryout Contact: sergioo#6759 (Discord)

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