Mon, Oct 12, 2020

11 AM – 1 PM EDT (GMT-4)

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In these uncertain times we are seeing a growing number of individuals speaking out, raising their voice and protesting the injustices that people, the Black community in particular, face. We are seeing a cry for response around access, human rights and climate change as well as health concerns as our world and in particular, the United States continues in turmoil. The recent pandemic has served to highlight the injustices of our nation and folks are working together to advocate for change. Throughout history, there are social movements that have been wildly successful and others that were unable to be sustained.

In this interactive workshop, we will examine the history of social movements, best practices around community organizing and public policy and we will engage in conversation around moving past self-care to community care. We will share common pitfalls and challenges as well as successes and what works. Participants will break into groups in the second half of the presentation to engage in Action Planning around various social concerns. We hope participants will build connections with one another to learn more about current efforts and movements happening in our own community. We hope you will join our Social Action and Integrative Learning (SAIL) staff and register below.

SAIL will be hosting this workshop as part of Leadership Mason Experience. Check out the many incredible programs and events offered.

Facilitated by: Patty Mathison, Shauna Rigaud, Sam Frye, Jayson Padilla, Sabrina Lyn,  and Dr. Ben Manski, Social Action and Integrative Learning

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Patty Mathison
Co-hosted with: Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) (OWNER), School of Integrative Studies, Social Action and Integrative Learning

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