Upcoming Events in March

March 20th | 5:00 - 6:00pm

Next Meeting

At our next meeting, we will discuss some major events that will take place this March, as well as plan upcoming larger events for April. We will also discuss the best way to plan telescope events in the future so we can move forward with some public nights in April.

Research Hall; Room 302

March 21st| 7:00pm

Telescope Night!

*FOTO members only*

Welcome to the first telescope night of the semester! We will learn how all about the George Mason Telescope, as well as how to use it and how to conduct tours so we can prepare for the future public nights. This is a weather permitting event, so the back up date is set: March 22nd at the same time.

Meet in Research Hall lobby

March 24 | 12:00 - 2:00pm

Sidewalk Astronomy

We will advertise GMU Astronomy to students using our Solar Telescope by letting students come up and look at the Sun. We will need volunteers to host the use of the telescope out on a sidewalk on campus (which sidewalk TBD), as well as pass out flyers for the Observatory, for FOTO, and the Astronomy courses at GMU. The back up date is: March 26th at the same time.

March 27th | 6:00pm

Research on Mars Talk with Dr. Goldspiel

Dr. Goldspiel will give a talk on his research of Mars and the Mars rover. We will be inviting members from other organizations who may also be interested, including those of NOVAC. There might be food, but you won't know unless you go!