Leadership Team

Drew Di Donna


Drew Di Donna is a third-year neuroscience student at George Mason University. Previously, he has specced and built high-performance computers for clients, fixed a wide assortment of phones, and coded a winning app for a Capital One competition. Certified by Microsoft in cybersecurity, Drew is curious about the potential risks associated with neuromorphic architectures and brain-computer interfaces. Eventually, he wants to research brain simulations, BCIs, and the classification of qualia (if they are emergent from the brain).

Gage Jones


Mr. Gage Jones is a third-year undergraduate student studying Computer Engineering at George Mason University who hopes to continue into engineering new and efficient electronic architectures. Gage wishes to use his wide range of skills and creativity to approach engineering and problem-solving with a well-rounded and out-of-the-box style to achieve the most efficient and cost-effective ways to create a competitively unique product.

Eric Johnson


Eric Johnson is a third-year international relations and finance student at George Mason University aspiring to work in german aerospace. Additionally, Eric is an Eagle Scout with lots of experience in leadership.

Nicholas Lower-basch

Chief Drone Expert

Nicholas Lower-Basch is a third-year computer science student at George Mason University and our chief drone expert at Insane Inventors. Nicholas specializes in building FPV racing drones and hopes to get authorized to use GMU's airspace for recreational and educational purposes.