Leadership Team

Drew Di Donna


Drew Di Donna is a senior undergraduate studying neuroscience at George Mason University and previously at Trinity College Oxford as an associate member for the 2024 Hilary term. His research interests include brain simulations, brain-computer interfaces, the processing power of biological systems, and the relationship between consciousness and connectomics. Previously, he has specced and built high-performance computers for clients, fixed a wide assortment of phones, and coded a winning app for a Capital One competition. Certified by Microsoft in cybersecurity, Drew is curious about the potential risks associated with neuromorphic architectures and brain-computer interfaces.

Gage Jones

Vice President

Gage Jones, currently a senior majoring in Music Technology, has honed his academic focus towards the intricate realms of hardware and software engineering. Fueled by an unwavering passion for creation and innovation, Gage is dedicated to leading the members of Insane Inventors. His goal is not only to steer the group toward the successful completion of diverse projects but also to unlock exciting opportunities that blend the artistic nuances of music with the precision of technology.

Rushil Johal

Director of Programs

Rushil Johal is a first-year student studying Computational and Data Sciences. He founded Aviate International in 2022, a 501(c)3 providing first-hand STEM opportunities for less-resourced minorities intellectually curious about pursuing careers in data science and commercial aviation. He is currently involved in many machine learning opportunities, such as the Deputy Director of Technology at Fidutam (the world's largest youth-led public benefit corporation on digital policy and regulation) and formerly an Assistant Radiology Researcher at Penn Medicine. He is passionate and aspires to a career in how AI may assist in solving the most notorious problems worldwide, whether in transportation (air safety) or the healthcare industry (disease diagnosis).

Eric Johnson


Eric Johnson is a fourth-year international relations and finance student at George Mason University aspiring to work in german aerospace. Additionally, Eric is an Eagle Scout with lots of experience in leadership.

Nicholas Lower-basch

Chief Drone Expert

Nicholas Lower-Basch is a fourth-year computer science student at George Mason University and our chief drone expert at Insane Inventors. Nicholas specializes in building FPV racing drones and hopes to get authorized to use GMU's airspace for recreational and educational purposes.

Sam Harris

Secretary and Physics Outreach Officer

Sam Harris is a fourth-year physics student at GMU (currently studying at Trinity College Oxford for Hilary Term). He has worked on modeling past coronal mass ejections in an effort to better understand their evolutions. He hopes that he can go into research regarding gravitational anomalies such as dark matter and black holes which will hopefully build a better understanding of gravity itself.