F/S Access Request Form (2023-2024)


Welcome to Mason360.   


Prior to completing this form, please attempt to log in here. If you are unable to log in to Mason 360, then please read the information below.  


On the form, enter your full name, G#, and Mason email in order to expedite the verification process.  Without this information, we cannot verify your current Mason affiliation, and your form will be rejected.  


All Mason faculty and staff accounts must be manually added to Mason360 after verification of employee status. Please allow the Mason360 Support Team at least 3 business days to review your account request. 


Please Note: 

  • If you have a previous guest account on Mason360, it will be converted to a faculty/staff account.  

  • If you have logged into Mason360, and appear as a “student,” we are unable to change your status at this time due to automated processes for student account creation. This does not affect your ability to use Mason360 as a Mason faculty or staff member.


For questions about your Mason360 account access, please contact the Mason360 Support Team at mason360@gmu.edu.