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Your First Steps to Convenient Life in Korea...

Identification Card in Korea, Shipping, Banking, and beyond...

Alien Registration Card

Initial Application

  • Your primary form of identification in Korea, each student is required to make an appointment with Incheon Immigration Office
  • Mandatory for all international Mason Korea students
  • Allows to open up a bank account, and a phone plan
  • Documents will be provided by the Office of Student Affairs
  • Initial Application fee (33,000 KRW, includes 3,000 KRW delivery fee)
  • Processing Time: 2 - 3 weeks

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Alien Registration Card


  • For a long-term extension (one month or more) students MUST apply FOUR months beforehand
  • Collect the following documents
    • 1. Application Form
    • 2. Passport
    • 3. Alien Registration Card
    • 4. Application fee (60,000 KRW)
    • 5. Proof of Residency (email
    • 6. Certificate of Attendance(email
    • 7.Transcript
    • 8. Financial Statement (4,500,000 KRW/semester)
    • (9,000,000 KRW/ 2 semesters)
    • NOTE 1: Bank Account MUST be a Korean Bank Account
  • Apply for an appointment at Incheon Immigration Office

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Alien Registration Card

Re-Entry Permit

  • All students wishing to leave Korea MUST apply for Re-Entry Permit at Incheon Immigration Office
    • Note 1: failure to apply for the re-enrty permit will result in ARC cancellation
    • Note 2:  students are responsible for and all fees associated with a permit
  • Apply online, and pay 24,800 won  application fee (Requires valid Korean bank account, and phone number)
  • Fill out the following documents in order to receive your Re-Entry Permit

Sending Packages to/from Korea

  • Send packages to Incheon Global Campus prior to your arrival to George Mason University Korea
  • Address, and details will be included in the link below
  • Shipping Address
    • Incheon Global Campus Housing Office
    • A 117, Songdo Munhwa-ro 119,
    • Yeonsu-Gu, Incheon 21985 South Korea
  • Note: students are responsible to pick up packages at IGC Housing Office, as well as, for any shipping expenses.

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IGC Housing

  • Operated by Incheon Global Campus Foundation, IGC Housing on-campus housing to all educational institutions at IGC
  • Currently, there are two room types
    • 1. Single occupancy: 1,912,500 Won
    • 2. Doubles occupancy: 1,275,000 Won
  • All students wishing to live on-campus must apply for housing at this website.

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Bank Account Setup

  • Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) is the official partner bank of George Mason University Korea. All international students are highly encouraged to open bank account at IBK Technopark Branch to receive discounts.
  • The following documents are required in order to open up a bank account:
    • 1. Passport and/or Alien Registration Car
    • 2. Proof of Residence (Provided by Student Affairs)
    • 3. Proof of Attendance (Provided by Academic Affairs)
    • Note: for steps 2/3 each student is required to make a request for the documents to be provided (processing time: 1 - 2 days)

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On-Campus Dining

  • IGC Cafeteria provides affordable meal options for student risiding on-campus.
    • (Check Menu Here)
      • 1. Breakfast
      • (7:40 am - 11:30 am)
      • 2. Lunch
      • (11:30 am - 2:00 pm)
      • 3. Dinner
      • (5:30 pm - 6:30 pm)
      • Note 1: IGC Cafeteria works Monday - Friday (Friday dinner is not provided)
      • Note 2: No operation during weekend
      • Note 3: Average meal price is 5,000 Won
  • Spoon, is a Korean dining cafe that serves affordable Korean dishes. Located in the Sunken Plaza

(Check Menu Here)

  • 1. Operation hours (9:00 am - 9:00 pm)
  • 2. Monday - Saturday (Sunday day-off)
  • 3. Average bill (6,000 Won)