The bridge connecting students, faculty, and campuses
by exchanging language and culture.


We are looking for students who have full passion to do experience with us!

* Position *  :  Ivy
* Period * : February 11th - February 17th

We are n-Lingual!

n-Lingual is a student-leading club for language and culture exchange.
The purpose of the n-Lingual is to facilitate language exchange and improve student life at George Mason University.
We provide services to help students learn new languages and cultures by emphasizing the active role of students in learning.
In the process, we focus on being a bridge among students, faculties, and campuses so all Mason bodies can gain valuable experience.


We have three position in general
with unique name depending on their roles and possibility.


Props are the student leaders who have a responsibility to make the club developed and improved by using their expertise.


Supporters are the student tutors who plan and do the helping language learners with great passion.


Ivys are all the mason bodies who have a serious interest and passion in learning a language.

Duo-campus System

We are only club that runs as duo-campus system in Fairfax and Mason Korea.
We share same values, people, rules by communicating actively each other.
That's why we are ONE TEAM connected beyond the long distance.

Get Connected Fair at Fairfax

Mason Day at Mason Korea

Korean Language Village

Online English Class from Fairfax

Online English Class

Offline English Class

Language Training of Supporters & Ivys

Language Training of Supporters & Ivys

First-Aid Kit to Korean Life for Faculty

Faculty Tutoring

Supporter Workshop

All-hands Meeting of FFX Team & MK Team

Values of n-Lingual

Active Communication

For a dou-campus system, communication is vital.
We share every information,
and actively do so.

Horizontal relation

In inner organization,
everyone are leader of their tasks.
Everyone can get a chance
what they want to do.
With this value, students can gain good experience and practice using their expertise.


Because everyone is a leader,
they should have enough responsibility for their task. 
All the members clearly know the direction of the club and finish their tasks until it finishes.