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The Mason Women's Rugby Club welcomes all GMU women with no experience needed to play. Our mission is to empower women and create an inclusive environment for all to learn and develop their love of rugby. Practices begin August 26th, practice times are Mondays from 5-7pm, and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-9pm. All practices are located at Field 4 at West Campus. No experience needed to play!

What is Rugby?

Rugby is a similar to a soccer and American football hybrid where 15 players on a team are trying to score in their respective try zone at the end of the field. In rugby, the ball advances and is moved around by players passing the ball backwards or it can be kicked forward. Rugby is a contact sport with tackling, rucking, and scrumming components that allow the teams to compete for possession of the ball.

There are two subdivisions on positions; backs and forwards. Backs are typically responsible for moving quickly and passing the ball with strategic plays and skills. Forwards, on the other hand use their muscle and skills to maintain possession of the ball in rucks and scrums, as well as taking part in lifting their teammates during line outs when the ball goes out of bounds.

nyone can play rugby. There is a place for all women in this sport.