Wed, Nov 16, 2022

4 PM – 6 PM EST (GMT-5)

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The Hub Room 3, 4, & 5

Fairfax, Virginia, United States




Join LEAD, OIPS, Professor Al Fuertes and Brian Royer for an engaging and important discussion about mass shootings and how they are viewed in different countries around the world. Dinner will be provided to all participants.

Different definitions of "mass shootings" are often debated by politicians and world leaders; however, what can't be argued is the fact that gun shootings and gun deaths have become an epidemic worldwide. Of the estimated 250,227 gun-related deaths worldwide in 2019, 65.9 % occurred in six countries- the United States, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, India, and Colombia ( Mass shootings in the U.S. accounted for 73% of mass shootings occurring in developed countries between 1998 to 2019 (International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice, 2022).

How are "mass shootings" defined? What side of the gun debate issue do you support? Why? What skills can we acquire to help address the many factors contributing to gun violence- mental health, substance abuse, systemic inequities, economic, cultural, etc.? During this interactive program, we discuss how the United States view on guns is similar & different from other countries/cultures. We will discuss the many factors contributing to gun violence and ways you can become active in your community to help reduce gun violence and make the world a safer place to live.

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Co-hosted with: Leadership Education and Development (LEAD)

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