How long is the process?

The pledging process is 9 weeks long to foster development and growth.


When does the process start?

Our process typically begins in September for the Fall semester and February for the Spring semester respectively.


Do you haze?

Alpha Kappa Psi is a strict NO Hazing organization. We do not tolerate any forms of hazing within our process.

People typically associate hazing with the terms 'pledge' or 'pledging', in our case however it is just common terminology used to describe the probationary period of a new member. Any form of hazing whether it be mental or physical will NOT be tolerated.


What is the commitment like?

As a pledge we typically expect a commitment of 3 hours per week. These hours are going to be used for learning fraternity knowledge, learning professional skills and completing events.


How many members are there?

Currently, the Pi Sigma chapter has 33 members in the George Mason Alpha Kappa Psi Chapter


Are there any fees associated with joining?

Yes. When joining the organization there is a new member fee of $180 broken into two payments. As a member dues are $170 per semester but can be fundraised for.


Are there any attire requirements?

Yes and No. There are some cases where you will be required to wear business casual or business professional at events. For the most part however you will be in casual clothes that you feel comfortable in.

If you don't feel confident in your judgement on what classifies as business casual or business professional don't worry! We will teach you that along the way.


What will I gain from this experience?

This experience will provide new members and current members with basic professional skills such as: creating/maintaining a resume and cover letter, interviewing confidently, giving public presentations or speeches, etc. Members that also have interest or a specialization in a field or topic also can share their knowledge in the form of a quick presentation.

As a member you also have access to conferences being held nationally. Alpha Kappa Psi has 1 annual conference and 1 bi-annual conference in changing locations. Our annual conference is called the Principled Business Leadership Institute and our bi-annual conference is called Convention. Both of these conferences are aimed at networking and professional growth through breakout sessions.