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About Us

Alpha Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest co-ed business professional fraternity.

The mission of Alpha Kappa Psi is "Providing resources for enhancing the educational experience of future business leaders". Our Fraternity has a large number of resources at our disposal and one of the most prominent resources is our vast alumni network that all members can utilize around the world which is why we are the largest professional business fraternity . Our goal is that when our members graduate, they are prepared for business success. We host several conferences nationally throughout the year on leadership that focuses on personal and professional development.

Members Benefits

As a member you will gain various resources not only in the Mason community but also in the professional community. AKPsi has a huge alumni network to connect with that can provide job and internship opportunities worldwide. AKPsi has over 300 chapters in 4 countries (US, Canada, UK and Hong Kong) making it the largest professional business fraternity. The Pi Sigma Chapter here at mason has 150+ alumni connecting through social media and events.

Steps To Join:

  1. 1

    Fill Out The Interest Form

    In order to receive more information about our upcoming Rush/Recruitment events and kiosks please fill out the Interest Form link below for email updates. We will also send you the Bid Application during recruitment for you to fill out if you'd like.

    Interest Form Link:

  2. 2

    Check Flyers and Attend Rush Events

    In order to get to know our members and to see if our organization is a good fit for you, we encourage all potential new members to check out our social media pages (that you can find linked in our contact us section) to get the latest updates on our events.

    You have a better chance of being selected to join if you attend events and get to know the Brothers as well as the Brothers getting to know you.

  3. 3

    Apply To Join Through Our Bid Application

    Once our official Rush/Recruitment period has begun we will post the link to our Bid Application in our social media bio's as well as send the link to those who have filled out the interest form.

    *A Bid Application is your application to join our organization*

  4. 4

    Participate In A Group Interview

    After filling out the Bid Application we ask all applicants to select a Day and Time for an interview with a few of our Executive Board members. We want to get a better idea of who you are and what you are bringing to the table. We also want to know what you are interested in learning from us or teaching us.

    *These interviews typically occur the Saturday and Sunday following our last event.*

  5. 5

    Get Notified

    After all interviews have been completed the members will decide who will be joining our newest pledge class! We will notify all applicants whether they have been accepted or deferred to the following semester via phone call or email.

  6. 6

    Begin Probationary Membership Introduction

    If selected to join the pledge class, new members will begin their journey learning more about our organization and its history. There will also be professional based curriculum introduced to start building or polishing skills. Throughout the process you will also be guided by a mentor of your choosing within the organization.

    *Please note that our meetings are on Sundays. If this is in conflict with anything we can make accommodations on a case by case basis to meet individually*

  7. 7

    Become A Full Member

    At the end of your probationary pledge process, once you fulfill all the requirements you will become a new member of our organization!

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Our Team

George Sandy
Chandanpreet Kaur
V.P. of Finance
Julia Soczynski
Executive Vice President
Nada Osman
Kriti Shukla
VP of Alumni Relations