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Our next General Body Meeting is on October 8th at 7:30 pm via Zoom!

About Us

Educators Rising Collegiate strives to help prepare individuals in becoming effective educators and advocate for their profession by providing professional development, leadership development, and opportunities geared towards allowing aspiring educators to make an impact.










Message from our Chapter President

It's such an amazing opportunity to have an organization that is committed to focusing on educational matters. This chapter is composed of students interested in the field of education and others aspiring to be teachers!

In leading, I continue to make sure that we're staying on course with our goals of providing connections, enhancing our knowledge of trending topics in education, participating in great conversations, and much more. I do believe that if you attend one of our events, you'll want to be a member.

I encourage you to stay connected and check out our website!

Cedric Price, President 2020-2021

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Being a member of Educators Rising Collegiate gives you access to scholarships, job search and interview resources, access to attending the Educators Rising National Conference, a place to hang with a community of people that are interested in education, and much more! Due paying members receive exclusive resources which can be viewed below.

Events & Activities

Our newest event is Conversations. Through Instagram LIVE, we'll be talking with educators and leaders at Mason and beyond!

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Due paying members have access to scholarships, Kaplan Magazine, Virtual Town Halls, and many more perks! (Note: dues are not required but you receive more perks!)


Building connections is what we aim to provide throughout all levels of education. Join today to expand your resume!

Our Guiding Question: How many students will we impact?