Our chapter's guiding question is how many students will we impact?

Our founding president, Cedric Price, established a guiding question to be rallied around; how many students will we impact? This question is essential and always reinforced throughout all conversations.

This question has two lenses. In the first lens, we strive to make a positive difference for students in the Mason community and students currently enrolled in the Fairfax County Public School District. Throughout all initiatives and goals we set, we ask ourselves, how many students will we impact?

Through the second lens, we hope for our members to understand that this is a long-lasting question. Once our rising educators are in their careers, it is the goal of this question to still be a thought and idea that is still considered, referenced, and reinforced as it applies to the fundamental role of educators—educating and impacting students. As teachers are preparing lessons and working to connect with students, our goal is for our future educators to still ask themselves, how many students will they impact in all ways?


In answering this question, we have three areas that are always targeted:


Through all ideas and initiatives, how many students will be impacted through our efforts? Will 10 students be impacted or will 100 students?


Are decisions made impacting only targeted Mason students, students within the Fairfax County Public Schools District, students nationally, or all of these communities?


Through our actions, will students be impacted on a level that will influence them in a way to become more engaged and active in ways similar to our promoted actions?