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"People should join EdRising because it is a great network communication and you are able to learn about processes on how to become a teacher, apply for scholarships and get a foot in the door with schools with shadowing or tutoring."

Kelly Tinney

"In being involved with Educators Rising at both the high school and college level, it has allowed me to have many opportunities to be involved with public schools in the local areas. I have been fortunate enough to attend conferences and different clinics through Educators Rising, and it allowed me to get a glimpse of what teaching is like. If you plan to teach in the future, Educators Rising will help you build the confidence and tools you need to become successful. The opportunities you gain from this organization are endless, and as the club continues to grow, I hope we continue to have more opportunities come our way."

Kaitlyn Burns


"Educators Rising Collegiate is an amazing organization that allows you to grow in so many ways! As a future educator, I've been able to participate in some great discussions; my knowledge and understanding of topics in this field have also grown immensely. You'll benefit personally and professionally by being a member."

Cedric Price

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