Our Launch...

Educators Rising Collegiate, GMU Chapter was launched as an official Registered Student Organization of George Mason University in the Spring of 2019. With a determination and focus to bring about an organization that was centered on preparing future educators, founding member and two-term president, Cedric Price, led the charge to bring a branch of this national organization to Mason.

Cedric was an active student leader committed to providing a platform to prepare future teachers. As an undergraduate studying to enter the teaching profession, he knew the need and impactful role that Educators Rising Collegiate would serve at Mason. As a result, he began talks with other students, they then found their eight founding members, he created a constitution, and they begin officially meeting.

The 2021-2022 school year president, Kaitlyn Burns, studies in the music education profession. Her love and passion for teaching reflects heavily on the impact Educators Rising Collegiate has at Mason. She implemented the ideas of former president, Cedric Price, and created her own initiatives to share with the organization as well.

The newly elected 2022-2023 school year president, Sophia Takacs, studies elementary education. She hails from Richmond, Virginia and is an avid reader which helped her recognize the importance of literacy. In turn, she has made it apart of her mission to ignite students' minds to ensure they are lifelong readers and overall learners. Sophia is ecstatic to engage with other future educators and Mason students.

Throughout the organization's history, the chapter's membership has grown close to seventy registered members and a five-member Executive Board, within less than two years. Educators Rising Collegiate continues to be a stellar example of a committed group of students dedicated to preparing tomorrow teachers, today.