Our Official Philanthropy

AEPi is committed to supporting Jewish causes to reinforce the Jewish ideal of Tikkun Olam - repairing the world. Through our philanthropic endeavors, we strive to give back to the Jewish community using the Repair the World Fund to benefit organizations around the world. These organizations are:

  • Providing assistance to those without adequate resources
  • Supporting the fight against debilitating disease
  • Developing education
  • Strengthening Jewish identity
  • Providing opportunities for youth
  • Delivering worldwide disaster relief

This year, the Repair the World Fund is supporting The Israel Cancer Research Fund, The Jaffa Institute, and United Hatzalah.

Our Efforts

This past year, our chapter raised over $3,200 for our Official Philanthropy. We accomplished this with Philanthropy fundraising events on GMU's campus and an online Philanthropy campaign. If you'd like to support AEPi's efforts to repair the world, Donate Here!

Here are some photos from our most recent Philanthropy Week!

Brother Wolfson pied for charity.

Brother Encaoua egged for an eggcelent cause.

Brother Kling and Wolfson supporting United Hatzalah

Andrew Schweitzer

Philanthropy Chair

If you have any questions about AEPi's Philanthropy, contact our Philanthropy Chair Andrew.

Andrew's Email:

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